We work for innovation. Testing and applying the best tools so that your service is made with the highest quality. The best connection between you and your player, building an unique experience. Our system is developed in C++ which guarantees easy integration to any game, using only 1 library in the code, creating connection optimization, in multiple routes for the gameplay improvment of the user. The ProGDN masks the IP address of the game server, so it’s impossible that a bad intentioned player get data from the server to carry out DDoS attacks. No waste of strength, certainty of result.

Why choose ProGDN?


Right tools at the right location.This ensures that your game will not suffer from any external interference.


Why copy if you can create?We developed an innovative system that works above the TCP and UDP layers, a fully optimized protocol that guarantees data delivery with greater efficiency.


Why be just a way, if we can dribble? Various servers will make your game run perfectly with maximum security, the way it should be!


Creating dynamism, security and still maintaining quality have always been difficult tasks for technology companies. But we did, we developed a system that promotes all this and guarantees the quality of delivery.

Your game running smoothly, it’s possible to distribute in several independent servers regardless of its scope.


Maximum protection to your player, barriers for payload to be implemented quickly and dynamically.


With all the security you need, your connection will not suffer DDoS attacks, ensuring lower latency and fluid game on any scale.


Make sure that your player enjoy the game to its best!

Count on ProGDN for your most audacious projects.


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